Today, Friday the 13th marks my first ever typecast. Today is also notable because it is my last day staying home to take care of my son. It’s been me and him since my wife went back to work march 1st.


It was amazing bonding time. We got to know each other very well and I was fortunate enough to have this time with him. He literally grew up in my arms and I’ll miss everything about these days with him. I’ll miss seeing his face any time I want. And he’s really trying to talk a whole lot more now and his voice is so freakin cute. I’ll miss that too.



This week I’ve really been trying to take it in and hold back some tears when it struck me that I wouldn’t be able to do this again – like “this is the last time I will feed you a mashed up banana. This is the last time we will go for a morning walk. This is the last time…”


I cherish the time I got to spend with him.


Sorry I can’t exactly focus on my typecast. Originally I wanted to follow the established (though I understand completely flexible) format of introducing your typer and discussing its feel and its mechanisms – I was looking so forward to doing that but I just dont have it in me today. I’ll make up for it in the near future.


Now I sit on our bedroom sofa and watch him sleeping in our bed, his little but growing body at rest. I see his chest rise and fall – its a real nice rhythm. He’s in deep sleep and dreaming.