I am a new dad who is learning about these old machines called typewriters.

I suppose i have had an interest in typewriters since high school and had marvelled at their time in history and especially their symbolism as an always willing instrument of creative output. You have your muse, but the typewriter gives you your voice.

As for the baby – he is growing up quickly. Yes, i have a son. As of this writing (early July 2012), he has just turned 7 months old and he learns new things at a headspinning pace. He is also helping me learn about this new life experience called fatherhood and i am enjoying every bit of it about all the same: the delightful, the tedious, the dutiful, the milestones, the frustration, the magic, the wonder, the quiet and the noise, the hectic, the frantic, the patience, the smiling, the laughing, the crying, the naps, the diapers, the baths, the bottles, the mess, the newness, the beauty, the life.

I dont intend for this blog to necessarily document this journey of both being a new father and becoming a full fledged member of the typosphere, but if it so happens, then great. What i do know is that every now and again, i will share some thoughts or adventures on here and who knows what it will turn out to be. If anything, it’s about beginnings and discovery.

Thanks for reading

– Michael

Orange County, CA